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Specializing in sales & distribution of exhaustive array of textiles auxiliaries.

Sstablished since 1973 to serve the booming textile industry back then. Our product range includes specialty chemicals for “iron-free garments”, fabric softeners, laundry chemicals, textiles finishing agents, dyeing and printing auxiliaries. We export our products to our customers in ASEAN, China, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.


Dyestuffs (Vat, Reactive, Disperse, Direct, Basic, Acid, Sulphur, Indigo), Fluorescent Dyes, Polyinyl Alcohol, Polyvinyl Acetate, Modified Starch, Wetting & Penetrating Agents, Scouring & Washing Agents, Levelling & Dispersing Agents, Hydrogen Peroxide and its Stabilizers, Sodium Hydrosulphate, Glacial Acetic Acid, Liquid Alkali Agent, Dyebath Lubricant, Oligomer Remover, Amyolytic Enzyme, Mercerizing Auxillary, Fixing Agent, Melamine Resin, Glyoxal Resin, Silicone Oil, Micro-emulsion Amino, Fabric Softeners, P.U. Resin, Water Repellant Agent, Rippel Finishing Agent, Chelating Agent.