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Distributor of chemicals for adhesive and sealant applications.

We offer the best cost-effective adhesive and polymer bonding solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications including laminating adhesives, tile adhesives, glue bonding, and much more. Our goals is to exceed customers’ expectation by continual investment in highest technology and modern facilities.


TPE Resin (SBS, SEBS, SIS), PVA & PVAc, EVA Emulsion, EVA Hot-melt resins, Resorcinol, Tertiary Octyl Phenol (PTBP), White Oil (Technical Grade), Paraformaldehyde, Melamine/Hexamine, Fumed Silica, Magnesium Oxide, Surfactant (NPE & Surfynol Series), Silicone (sealant, fluid, etc), Ester Gum Rosin, Poly-isobutylene, Cynoacrylate adhesive, Tung Oil, Methylene Chloride, Gum Rosin.